Kia Picanto: Features of your vehicle / Instrument cluster

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Instrument cluster

1. Tachometer

2. Speedometer

3. Engine coolant temperature gauge

4. Fuel gauge

5. Warning and indicator lights

6. LCD display

❈ The actual cluster in the vehicle may differ from the illustration. For more details refer to the “Gauges” on page 4-45.

Inside rearview mirror Adjust the rearview mirror to center on the view through the rear window. Make this adjustment before you start driving. WARNING Rear visibility Do not place objects i ...

Instrument cluster control
Adjusting Instrument Cluster Illumination WARNING Never adjust the instrument cluster while driving. This could result in loss of control and lead to an accident that may cause death, seri ...

Other information:

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