Kia Picanto: Driving your vehicle / Winter driving

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Driving your vehicle / Winter driving

More severe weather conditions of winter result in greater wear and other problems. To minimize winter driving problem, you should follow these suggestions:

❈ Snow tires and tire chains for the national language (Icelandic, Bulgarian) see the Appendix to chapter 10.

Highway driving
Tires Adjust the tire inflation pressures to specification. Low tire inflation pressures will result in overheating and possible failure of the tires. Avoid using worn or damaged tires whi ...

Snowy or icy conditions
To drive your vehicle in deep snow, it may be necessary to use snow tires or to install tire chains on your tires. If snow tires are needed, it is necessary to select tires equivalent in size ...

Other information:

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