Kia Picanto: Your vehicle at a glance / Interior overview

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Your vehicle at a glance / Interior overview

1. Inside door handle
2. Door lock/unlock button
3. Outside rearview mirror folding switch
4. Outside rearview mirror control switch
5. Central door lock switch
6. Power window lock button
7. Power window switches
8. Hood release lever
9. Fuel filler lid release lever
10. Steering wheel
11. Steering wheel tilt control
12. Inner fuse panel
13. Brake pedal
14. Seat
15. Headlight leveling device
16. ESC OFF button
17. TPMS SET switch

Exterior overview
1. Hood 2. Head lamp (Features of your vehicle) Head lamp (Maintenance) 3. Front fog lamp (Features of your vehicle) Front fog lamp (Maintenance) 4. DRL lamp (Features of your vehicle) 5 ...

Instrument panel overview
1. Instrument cluster 2. Horn 3. Driver’s front air bag 4. Light control/Turn signals 5. Wiper/Washer 6. Ignition switch ENGINE START/STOP button 7. Steering wheel audio control 8. ...

Other information:

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