Kia Picanto: Safety features of your vehicle / Seats

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seats

Driver’s seat

1. Forward and backward
2. Seatback angle
3. Seat cushion height*
4. Headrest

Front passenger’s seat

5. Forward and backward
6. Seatback angle
7. Headrest

Rear seat

8. Headrest*
9. Seatback folding*


Loose objects

Loose objects in the driver’s foot area could interfere with the operation of the foot pedals, possibly causing an accident. Do not place anything under the front seats.


Uprighting seat

When you return the seatback to its upright position, hold the seatback and return it slowly and be sure there are no other occupants around the seat. If the seatback is returned without being held and controlled, the back of the seat could spring forward resulting in accidental injury to a person struck by the seatback.


Driver responsibility for passengers

Riding in a vehicle with the seatback reclined could lead to serious or fatal injury in an accident. If a seat is reclined during an accident, the occupant’s hips may slide under the lap portion of the seat belt, applying great force to the unprotected abdomen. Serious or fatal internal injuries could result. The driver must advise the passenger to keep the seatback in an upright position whenever the vehicle is in motion.


Do not use a sitting cushion that reduces friction between the seat and passenger. The passenger's hips may slide under the lap portion of the seat belt during an accident or a sudden stop. Serious or fatal internal injuries could result because the seat belt can't operate normally.


Driver’s seat


Rear seatbacks


After adjusting the seat, always check that it is securely locked into place by attempting to move the seat forward or backward without using the lock release lever. Sudden or unexpected movement of the driver's seat could cause you to lose control of the vehicle resulting in an accident.



Precautions with seat covers

Safety features of your vehicle

Feature of Seat Leather
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