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The trip computer is a microcomputercontrolled driver information system that displays information related to driving.


Some driving information stored in the trip computer (for example Average Vehicle Speed) resets if the battery is disconnected.

Trip Modes

To change the trip mode, scroll the MOVE scroll switch ( / ) or TRIP button in the trip computer mode.

Trip A/B


Elapsed Time


Even if the vehicle is not in motion, the elapsed time keeps going while the engine is running.

Average Vehicle Speed


Fuel economy

Distance To Empty


Average Fuel Economy

Manual reset

To clear the average fuel economy manually, press the RESET button or OK button on the steering wheel for more than 1 second when the average fuel economy is displayed.

LCD windows
Over view LCD windows show the following various information to drivers. - Trip information - LCD modes - Warning messages ...

Automatic reset (for type B cluster)
To make the average fuel economy be reset automatically whenever refueling, select the “Fuel economy auto reset” mode in User Setting menu of the LCD Windows (Refer to “LCD Windows” on ...

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