Kia Picanto: Light bulbs / Light bulb position (Rear)

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Light bulbs / Light bulb position (Rear)

1. Rear turn signal lamp (Bulb type)
2. Tail lamp (BULB type)
3. Stop and tail lamp (BULB type)
4. Tail lamp (LED type)
5. Stop and tail lamp (LED type)

1. Back up lamp (Bulb type)

2. Rear fog lamp (BULB type)

Light bulb position (Front)
1. Headlamp (Low/High) 2. Front turn signal lamp 3. Position lamp 4. Front turn signal lamp (LED type) 5. Position lamp (LED type) 6. Day time running lamp (LED type) 1. Front fog l ...

Light bulb position (Side)
1. Side repeater lamp (LED type) 2. Side repeater lamp (bulb type) ...

Other information:

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