Kia Picanto: LCD windows / LCD modes (for type B cluster)

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / LCD windows / LCD modes (for type B cluster)

1. Trip Computer mode

This mode displays driving information like the tripmeter, fuel economy, and so on. For more details, refer to “Trip Computer” on page 4-50.

2. Service mode

This mode informs of service interval (mileage or days) and pressure status of each tire.

3. User Setting mode

On this mode, you can change settings of the doors, lamps and so on.

4. Master warning mode

This mode informs of warning messages related to TPMS fail, low pressure (if equipped) or Low engine oil (if equipped) or Autonomous Emergency Braking system (if equipped) failure.

❈ For controlling the LCD modes, refer to “LCD window control” on page 4-44.

Automatic reset (for type B cluster)
To make the average fuel economy be reset automatically whenever refueling, select the “Fuel economy auto reset” mode in User Setting menu of the LCD Windows (Refer to “LCD Windows” on ...

Service Mode
Service in It calculates and displays when you need a scheduled maintenance service (mileage or days). If the remaining mileage or time reaches 1,500 km (900 mi.) or 30 days, “Service in ...

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