Kia Picanto: Airbag Module / Knee Airbag (KAB) Module

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2024 Service & Repair Manual / Restraint / Airbag Module / Knee Airbag (KAB) Module

Description and operation
The Knee Airbag (KAB) is installed inside the crash pad lower panel and protects the driver in the event of a frontal crash. The SRSCM determines if and when to deploy the KAB.
Never attempt to measure the circuit resistance of the airbag module (squib) even if you are using the specified tester. If the circuit resistance is measured with a tester, accidental airbag deployment will result in serious personal injury.
Components and components location

1. Knee Airbag (KAB)

Repair procedures
Disconnect the battery negative cable and wait for at least thirty seconds before beginning work.
Remove the crash pad lower panel.
(Refer to Body - "Crash Pad Lower Penel")
Remove the knee airbag (A) after loosening the mounting nuts.
Tightening torque :
7.8 - 11.8 N·m (0.8 - 1.2 kgf·m, 5.8 - 8.7 lb·ft)

Disconnect the knee airbag connector (A).

Disconnect the negative battery terminal, and wait for at least three minutes before beginning to work.
Install in the reverse order of removal.
Reconnect the negative battery cable.
After installing the knee airbag (KAB), confirm proper system operation.
Switch "ON" the ignition. The SRS indicator light should turn on for about six seconds and then off
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