Kia Picanto: Engine Mechanical System / Cylinder Block Assembly

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2023 Service & Repair Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Cylinder Block Assembly

Components and components location

1. Water jacket insert
2. Water jacket insert inlet
3. Cylinder block
4. O-ring
5. Oil jet
6. Thrust bearing
7. Crankshaft upper main bearing
8. Crankshaft
9. Crankshaft lower main bearing
10. Crankshaft main bearing cap
11. Ladder frame
12. Rear oil seal
13. Flywheel

1. Piston ring (#1)
2. Piston ring (#2)
3. Oil ring
4. Snap ring
5. Piston

6. Piston pin
7. Connecting rod
8. Connecting rod upper bearing
9. Connecting rod lower bearing
10.Connecting rod bearing cap

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Other information:

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