Kia Picanto: Door locks / Operating door locks from inside the vehicle

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Door locks / Operating door locks from inside the vehicle

With the door lock button


Door lock malfunction

If a power door lock ever fails to function while you are in the vehicle, try one or more of the following techniques to exit:


Do not pull the inner door handle of driver's (or passenger's) door while the vehicle is moving.

With central door lock switch

Operate by pressing the central door lock switch.




Unlocked vehicles

Leaving your vehicle unlocked can invite theft or possible harm to you or others from someone hiding in your vehicle while you are gone. Always remove the ignition key, engage the parking brake, close all windows and lock all doors when leaving your vehicle unattended.


Unattended children

An enclosed vehicle can become extremely hot, causing death or severe injury to unattended children or animals who cannot escape the vehicle. Furthermore, children might operate features of the vehicle that could injure them, or they could encounter other harm, possibly from someone gaining entry to the vehicle. Never leave children or animals unattended in your vehicle.

Impact sensing door unlock system

All doors will automatically unlock after an impact causes the air bags to deploy.

Speed sensing door lock system

All doors will be automatically locked after the vehicle speed exceeds 15 km/h. And all doors will be automatically unlocked when you turn the engine off and when you remove the ignition key.

Operating door locks from outside the vehicle
Mechanical key Turn the key toward the rear of the vehicle to lock and toward the front of the vehicle to unlock. If you lock/unlock the door with a key, the doors will lock/unlock. ...

Child-protector rear door lock
prevent children from accidentally opening the rear doors from inside the vehicle. The rear door safety locks should be used whenever children are in the vehicle. 1. Open the rear door. 2. ...

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