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Kia Picanto JA 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Interior features / Cup holder


Hot liquids


Keep cans or bottles out of direct sun light and do not put them in a vehicle that is heated up. It may explode.

Cups or small beverage cans may be placed in the cup holders. To use the cup holder, press the button (1).

The half part of the cup holder (2) will appear.


Be careful not to spill drinks in the cup holder. The cup holder may not work.

To use the cup holder space as a storage compartment, turn the half part of the cup holder (2) to the direction of the arrow.


To use the ashtray, open the cover. To clean or empty the ashtray, pull it out. Use the ashtray by leaning it to the cup holder right beside. WARNING Ashtray use Do not use the vehicle‚ ...

Use the sunvisor to shield direct light through the front or side windows. To use the sunvisor, pull it downward. To use the sunvisor for the side window, pull it downward, unsnap it from ...

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