Kia Picanto: LCD windows / Automatic reset (for type B cluster)

Kia Picanto JA 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / LCD windows / Automatic reset (for type B cluster)

To make the average fuel economy be reset automatically whenever refueling, select the “Fuel economy auto reset” mode in User Setting menu of the LCD Windows (Refer to “LCD Windows” on page 4-50).


The average fuel economy is not displayed for more accurate calculation if the vehicle does not drive more than 10 seconds or 50 meters

(0.03 miles)

since the ignition switch or Engine Start/Stop button is turned to ON.

Instant Fuel Economy

Trip information
The trip computer is a microcomputercontrolled driver information system that displays information related to driving. NOTICE Some driving information stored in the trip computer (for exampl ...

LCD modes (for type B cluster)
1. Trip Computer mode This mode displays driving information like the tripmeter, fuel economy, and so on. For more details, refer to “Trip Computer” on page 4-50. 2. Service mode This ...

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